BHL Cup Drill of the Month: Snappin' Tape-to-Ankle Passes

BHL Cup Drill of the Month: Snappin' Tape-to-Ankle Passes
Tape-to-tape passes...ew, gross. It's the BHL. A 3 letter league (notabigdeal!). Let's be honest with ourselves, more often than not we aim for our teammates tape, but we end up throwing a wobbly shopping cart wheel, change up to their ankle. It's a tale as old as time.  So let's talk about how to execute the perfect tape-to-ankle pass. 

1. First, gain possession of the puck. Slash a guy, spear him in the yam bag, take the puck out of the refs hand before he drops it for a face-off. Whatever you can do, gain possession of the puck. 

2. Look your teammate off in the neutral zone. 

3. Stickhandle with your head down for a few seconds. Make sure you beat the puck into a square. Hard hands. 

4. Lift your head up.

5. Aim for the tape of your streaking winger.

6. Snap a nice, crisp, hard pass right to his tape.  Lob a knuckle ball into his back skate, approximately 4-6" off the ice. Make sure he has to slow down and lose all forward momentum to try to catch the pass. It's beer league hockey. There's no reason to have good pace and flow to the game. 

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