Whether you are a rookie playing in your first BHL Cup or a returning vet, we've assembled some of our most frequently asked questions to help provide some answers. 

How may players can we have on our team's roster?
Team rosters can range from 10 to 15 players including a goalie. 

What if we don't have jerseys for our team?
Good news, a limited edition BHL Cup jersey is included in your registration fees for the tournament. Your team will work with our tourney staff to pick your jersey and colorway for the tournament.  

What if we have our own team jerseys, can we wear those for the tournament?
Unfortunately no, we require that every team wears their BHL Cup jerseys provided throughout the tournament.

How many BHL Cup jerseys are included for our team?
Up to 15 jerseys will be included wit your team registration fee.  If you require more than 15 jerseys or you'd like to have extra jerseys for other reasons, you can purchase additional jerseys by contacting the tournament director. 

Can we purchase matching socks?
Yes, you can. Matching socks can be purchased by contacting the tournament director. 

Do you offer a payment plan?
We do offer a payment plan for team registration fees. The payment plan info and payment due dates can be found on our registration page.

Where should we stay?
Please click HERE for our preferred tournament hotel partner info.

When will we get our game schedule for the weekend?
Good question. We do our best to get the final game schedule out to everyone at least 3 weeks prior to the tournament so you can begin to plan your weekend accordingly.  The sooner teams register, it makes it easier for us to assign divisions and games for teams.  It's a help us, help you scenario.  

I want to sponsor the tournament, what options are available?
You can view our sponsorship packages HERE.

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