Affiliate Marketing

Join the BHL Cup affiliate program and promote the tourney to your hockey teammates and friends and earn a commission for helping us grow the tournament.  As a small boutique tournament, we don't have big marketing budgets, so we rely on word-of-mouth marketing as our main source of tournament promotion. The BHL Cup has morphed into more than just a tournament. It’s a community full of genuinely good hockey people, coming together to celebrate the greatest game in the world.  

As a registered affiliate, we will provide you with the promotional tools to help you maximize your sales.  All the creative assets are available for download using the link below.  You can also contact us anytime for additional banners, including ones that are customized for your site.  

Program highlights include:

  • 5% on all NEW registrations 
  • Promotional tools
  • Graphics and banners for your site (if you have one)
  • 3rd party transparent tracking of sales and stats

You can generate sales 24-hours a day!

Suggested Methods of Promotion:

  • Social media posts 
  • Text messages to friends & teammates
  • Emails to your hockey database
  • Word-of-mouth to your friends at the rink

Don’t forget to use your unique link so you get credit for the sale!

Terms & Conditions:

  • Commissions will be paid out after the tournament is over via PayPal
  • Commissions are tracked and managed via 3rd Party software, Eventbrite. 

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Download Promotional Tools HERE (coming soon)