BHL Cup Rules 

If you feel yourself wanting to chirp the refs non-stop and be an asshole, remember they didn't give it to you for that pizza you served up the middle to the other team for a goal ;). We're all in this together doing the best we can and wanting to have an enjoyable weekend.  

USA Hockey senior level rules apply with the following exceptions:

USA Hockey Senior Level Rules

Equipment: Players are required to follow USA Hockey equipment guidelines. Everyone must wear an approved hockey helmet at all times while on the ice. Cages/facemasks/visors are not required, but are highly recommended.

Periods: (3) 15 minute periods, stopped time.  If the game becomes a 6 or more goal differential, then the game clock will switch to running time.

Warm-Ups: Each game will have a 5 minute warm-up prior to the start of the game.

2 Line Passes: 2 line passes are allowed

Timeouts: One 30 second time-out per game per team

Slapshots: Please try not to take slapshots and be a hero. Everyone has to work the next day and taking a clapper to the foot or other part of the body sucks. Slapshots from above the waist on the wind up will be whistled down with a face-off in the neutral zone following.  

Checking: No checking allowed, roughing penalties will be called for checking

Fighting: Fighting will not be tolerated. Any player receiving a fighting major will be ejected from the game and suspended for the remainder of the tournament. Don't be 'that guy,' this is supposed to be a fun tournament. 

Penalties: Penalties will be called according to the USA Hockey Senior Lever Rules (link above). Additionally, any player receiving 4 penalties in 1 game will be receive an automatic game misconduct.  The player will be done for that game but eligible to return the following game at the discretion of the tournament director. 

Suspensions: Any player receiving a game misconduct penalty shall be suspended for a minimum of one game. The Tournament Director will review all cases involving major penalties, match penalties, game misconducts and gross misconducts. He has the power to suspend or modify the penalties of any guilty players.

Overtime: Games tied at the end of regulation will go into a 5 minute, 5 on 5 sudden death overtime format.  If the game is still tied at the end of overtime, the game will go to a shootout with 3 shooters per team will shoot.  The team scoring the most goals out of the 3 attempts will win.  If tied after 3 rounds, the shootout will continue round by round until their is a winner.

Standings: Tourney standings will be calculated using the following point system:

Regulation Win = 3 points
Shootout Win = 2 points
Overtime/Shootout Loss = 1 point
Regulation Loss = 0 points

3 Team Divisions:
 Each team will play each other two times. The Championship will be decided based on standings. If needed, the tie-breaker rules govern.

4 Team Divisions: After round robin play, the top 2 teams with the most points in the standings will advance to play in the championship game and the remaining 2 teams will play in the 3rd place game.

6 Team Divisions: Teams will be re-seeded after each team has completed their first 2 games.  The top 4 teams will move on to the Championship semifinal round and the bottom 2 teams will move to the consolation rounds.

7 Team Divisions: Teams will play 4 games.  At the conclusion of every team's 4th game, we'll take Seed #1 and Seed #2 to play a 5th game, which will be the Championship game.  Tie breaker rules govern any ties in standings.

Tie-Breakers (in order):

  • Head to Head
  • Wins
  • Fewest Goals Allowed
  • Goal Differential (Max 8 goal difference allowed per game for standings and tie breaker)
  • Period Points (2 points for each period won, 1 point for each period tied, 1 point for a shutout in a period)

Player Eligibility: All players must play in at least 1 of the round robin games in order to be eligible for the championship game.  

Last but not least: Don't be a dick.