Does This Visor Deserve A 2 Hander?

Does This Visor Deserve A 2 Hander?

Does this visor deserve a 2 hander?  Imagine showing up to your 10:15 PM beer league game and your wife was giving you shit cause you were going to the rink instead of helping her hang holiday decorations and a guy on the other team is wearing THIS. A slightly tinted visor due to some vision needs, okay fine. Understandable. This though. Nope. Ya just can't do this. You can't wear a visor like this and not get chirped for it. So we ask, would you dish out a 2 hander if a player on the other team was rockin' this? 

Photo Credit: Dallas Stars

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  • Richie

    Nope. The only move here is fire a puck into the opposing team’s bench disguised as a dump-in. His teammates are fair game as they are just as complicit in this tragedy for letting him out of the locker room looking like that….

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