BHL Cup Drill of the Month: What To Do On A Breakaway

BHL Cup Drill of the Month: What To Do On A Breakaway
Breakaways happen at a minimum 12-14 times a game in a traditional beer league game.  With the high frequency of this type of play, it's important that we work on the basics to master this skill.  Practice makes perfect. Rinse, wash, repeat. Got it!?

1. After springing loose for a breakaway, catch the pass and then dump the puck in the corner.

2. Immediately after dumping the puck in the corner, go to the bench and change. Do not chase the puck.  I repeat DO NOT chase the puck.  This is non-negotiable. 

Key learnings/takeaways:
- You're probably not going to score anyhow (you may mishandle the puck, trip over the blue line or have your head down and get poke-checked by the goalie before you even get a shot off), save yourself the ridicule and make the safe play.

- Don't fire a clapper in the corner. A nice soft dump (think 15 minutes after you just ate Taco Bell and you aren't farting with much confidence) in the corner. This allows you ample time to get over to the bench and change so you don't get a minus when the other team picks the puck up and goes down the other way and scores. It's better to give than receive.  Be a good teammate and give your teammate the dash 1 instead. 

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