2021 BHL Cup Is On! A Note From The Commish...

2021 BHL Cup Is On! A Note From The Commish...
Fellow BHL’ers,

I hope everyone is healthy and doing well during this absolutely crazy year. There is no good way to sugar coat it, 2020 has been f@cking brutal at times.

I’ve got to admit, planning an event during a pandemic has been challenging.  There have been times that I’ve slammed my laptop shut and shotgunned a beer (it didn’t change things, but the beer was delicious).  There are so many variables that are out of our control and working against us, but I believe opportunity lives in adversity. Tough times provide a chance to be creative and think differently.  The easy thing to do would be to throw in the gatorade towel and say we’ll take this year off and come back next year.  However, nothing good in life comes easy.  Hockey is the greatest game in the world.  It unites us. It brings us hope and happiness.  Going to the rink is often times a healthy escape from the chaos of the outside world.  This tournament is all about a group of hockey players coming together for a weekend of fun. It's about all of you who have helped build this community.

We want to give a special shoutout to our teammates up in Canada. The border closure/14 day quarantine period presents a challenge. Sadly, the NHL hasn’t found a good solution yet and neither have we.  No way around this, it is a shitty situation.  If the border doesn’t open, we hope you all can make it back down next year when things are back to some sense of normalcy.

Here’s where things stand as of now.  Rinks in Phoenix are open, so 2021 BHL CUP IS ON!!!  It’s our 10th anniversary so we’re going to give it everything we have! We ask that you be flexible as the COVID-19 situation is very fluid, and we may need to make some changes on the fly.  All the games are scheduled to be played at Ice Den Scottsdale. We will need to abide by their COVID rules, such as wearing a mask in and out of the rink and social distancing, etc. You can read their COVID protocols HERE.

There is uncertainty with whether or not the WM Phoenix Open will be going on or if they will allow fans. If they do, we do not know how many fans would be allowed. Same goes for the Birds Nest live music tent, etc. There may be a Coyotes game, but we won’t know that for a while. Again, we do not know if they will be allowing fans at this point either. These things are TBD at this time, but we still plan to make this weekend one that cements itself in hockey history.  

We have add some fun new extra-circulars. These were dreamt up and doodled out on a bar napkin over some beers - you're welcome.

New for this year:

More info can be found by clicking on the links above.

We’re extending early bird pricing from the 10/31 deadline to 11/30. The price will increase by $200 on 12/1.  Don't have a full a team? No problem! We still have our Free Agent option available for those of you who want to play but don't have a squad to play with.  As you know, the earlier you register the easier it is for us to put the tournament on and help ensure it’s a great experience for everyone. In other words, help us help you.    

We’ve gotten a lot of messages about how you can help:

1. Register to play - we can’t do the tournament without people playing

2. Spread the word to your hockey buddies. If you can’t play this year, spreading the word about the tournament to your hockey network is still a huge help.

Thanks for all your support!  We hope to see you in February! 

Tourney Info & Register HERE.

- The F'ing Commish