Limited Edition BHL Cup Jerseys


Grab a beer and play around with the jersey customizer here. Select the BHL Cup option above in the template and then pick your colors.


Say hello to the 2024 BHL Cup Limited Edition Sweaters for the tourney. Talk about going from 6 to midnight. Everyone who registers to play in the BHL Cup tourney will get one of these sexy MF'ers!  Team color ways will be dished out on a first in basis. 

Question: Why do we give jerseys to every player in the tourney?

Answer: We are hockey players ourselves and know it's like herding cats to organize an entire team for a tournament and try to find matching jerseys.  Not all teams have home and away colors as well. This creates a risk for teams to potentially be wearing colors that create visual conflict on the ice while playing each other (ie. black vs navy, white vs light gray, etc.). We wanted to eliminate that headache and give everyone a limited edition BHL Cup jersey so everyone looks fresh. As they say "look good, play good."

We've partnered with our friends at Men's League Sweaters to provide a bad ass, limited edition jersey for every player.  These jerseys are only available to tournament participants.  We get a lot of requests to purchase these jerseys on social media, but we politely decline.  These are a badge of honor for tournament participants only.

Wear these proud at shinny hockey sessions for years to come.  They will be a conversation starter and ignite memories of your weekend at the tourney!  It makes us happy to see people still wearing their tourney jerseys from our first year, a decade later! 

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